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High Dynamic Range photography is a powerful technique used to produce what the human eye sees in real life.

It is composed of multiple photos of the subject at the same position with different exposures and combined to produce what the actual subject looks like.

 for properties below 2,000sf       $139

then for extra 1,000sf                  $79 

High definition promotional video

Our High Definition videos tell a story about your property listing that engages the viewer to look for more. The video shot with dynamic shots edited to music queues with titles.

 for properties below 2,000sf       $239

then for extra 1,000sf                   $89


Instagram video                           $89

formatted in portrait mode with different music edit and duration. Has to be ordered with property video. 

twilight photo

The cover (money shot) of each listing. It draws the attention of the viewer because of its gorgeous natural lighting colors.

A twilight hour or golden hour happens before sunset when the sun is just about to disappear so the light fractures and gives a golden light that illuminates the property in a beautiful way, coupled with the property lights, it produces a gorgeous mix.

 One hour of photoshoot              $129

Convert/Edit 1 photo to twilight  $19


Aerial Photography

Showing off large plots of land is what we do best!

We are licensed in Ontario. Drones Photography/Videography adds another dimension to the property.

 Photos                     $199

Videos                     $299

Photos & Videos     $389

3D Floor Maps

We do floor maps with each room dimensions and we deliver the map in 2D and 3D versions, so the end client can visualize the space in a better way.

Our 3D map engages the end viewer to imagine living in the represented space.

2D Floor Maps, up to 2000sf       $169

then for extra 1000sf                   $79

2D to 3D Floor Maps, per floor   $35


property flyer

We produce beautiful designs for property flyers, postcards, calendars, that make your listing stand out from the rest. The designs can be printed and delivered physically or exported as pdf to be uploaded to the agent website.

2 Pages Property Flyer        $59

4 Pages Property Flyer        $79


Other services

We do many other services, like unique website, agent interviews, voice-overs, 360 virtual tours, Facebook/Instagram promotional videos, location photography and headshots.


If you want to customize a package for your team, or have other requests, please feel free to get in touch and we will try our best to accomodate your requests.